Comedy in Barcelona

Back in 2005 the first comedy shows in English started appearing regularly in Barcelona, due to an increase in Expats (aka guiris) living in the city and  a desire to see comedy in English once more! Many top international comedians have come through Barcelona over the years, much to the delight of its residents.

Guiriness Comedy Club comes as a direct result of the support from expats, locals and visitors who continue to enjoy English-speaking comedy shows in Barcelona. We strive to bring only the best quality comedy nights in Barcelona, every month in Shamrock Barcelona and Wylie Brewery Sitges. 

Thanks to everyone for helping us guiris celebrate ten years of English standup comedy in Barcelona. Guiriness Comedy is the cultural equivalent of a bacon sarnie in Barcelona. We hope to see you at the next comedy show!

Take a look at our comedy agenda and see what’s coming next in Barcelona and Sitges!