2018 Comedy Highlights

January – Jenny Collier

A wickedly funny set from Welsh-born comedian Jenny Collier went down a storm in Sitges, in what was the first show of 2018. Sweet and surreal, with a fiendishly filthy twist, Jenny’s comedy is at once intelligent and silly. The Sitges crowd were in a boisterous mood, leading to one or two hecklers being sent-up by Jenny’s quick-witted, sardonic slap-downs.

September – Danny O’Brien

The Irish comedic force of nature Danny O’Brien returned to the Catalan coast, this time cracking up audiences in both Barcelona and Sitges. With tales of tinder dates gone wrong and ending up in prison (three times to perform and once by accident) Danny showed why he is regarded as one of Ireland’s best stand-up comedians.

October – Radu Isac

Romanian comic Radu Isac played two nights at the Shamrock in October, one in English and the other in Romanian. Serving up witty observational comedy with a Seinfeldian simplicity, Radu depicted life in London from a Romanian’s perspective. Seemingly innocent, yet darkly comic, Radu was an affable, endearing comedy presence.

November – Alasdair Beckett-King

Sophisticated, debonair and slightly mental, up-and-coming English comedian Alasdair Beckett King brought his cultivated nutjobbery to the Shamrock in November. A singularly brilliant mind beneath a remarkable curly red mane, Alasdair blended inventive wordplay, surreal witticisms and an easy-going charm to great comic effect.