2017 Comedy Highlights

January – Niamh Marron

Live wire Irish comic Niamh Marron got 2017 off to a flyer, with fast and furious sets at the Shamrock. Blending an innocent charm with dirty funny material, Niamh had the audience crying with laughter.

February – Fred Cooke


February saw Guiriness Comedy’s first ever two-show weekend, with a Friday night set at the Shamrock followed by a Saturday show at Wylie Brewery in Sitges. An Irish storyteller with a gift for musical comedy, Fred Cooke set the standard for future Sitges shows with a barnstorming set of perfectly timed, rip-roaring comedy.

March – Jay Handley


London-based comic Jay Handley brought the house down at the Shamrock in March. Imaginative musings on the state of the modern world, as well as his undoubted resemblance to Jesus, made for a terrifically entertaining show, as did his quick-witted interaction with a giddy Barcelona audience.

April – Phil Kay


The mesmerising Scot returned to the Guiriness stage in April, this time performing in Sitges, as well as Barcelona. His show to a full house at Wylie Brewery in Sites was a frenetic display of comic brilliance. Surreal, insightful, playful and painfully funny (re: getting whipped by flip-flops), this was spellbinding stuff from the great Scot.

September – Karl Spain

Playing to a jam-packed audiences in both venues, Irish comedian Karl Spain balanced hilarious anecdotes and wickedly funny one-liners, reeling in the audience with his good-natured banter. The Sitges crowd, in particular, couldn’t get enough. Neither could Karl – we practically had to drag him off the stage!

October – Conor Drum

Tales of childhood mischief, young love and a stag-do gone wrong had the Sitges audience in stitches in October, as up-and-coming Irish comedian Conor Drum took to the Wylie Brewery stage. His self-deprecating wit and warmth won over the audience and one set-piece in particular (the aforementioned stag-do) had the crowd crying with laughter.

November – Andrew Stanley

A master of improvisational comedy, Irishman Andrew Stanley delivered a memorable performance at the Shamrock in November. The audience were left breathless after a machine-gun set of spontaneous brilliance, during which Andrew worked every corner of the room like a comedy hurricane. Shenanigans of the highest order!